Greece Part 2 : Mykonos

Mykonos. A place I'm glad I got to visit but would probably never go to again. I've always heard of it as being a party island (Lohan Beach House, anyone??) with rocky terrain completely geared to tourists. My description was pretty spot on, although since we went during off-season in mid-April, it wasn't crazy packed with party people and most of the shops and restaurants were closed. Regardless, the food was really, really good. I ate seafood, Greek bread and gyros as much as I possibly could.

We stayed at an incredible property that had two beautiful villas - the hosts (us) stayed in one of them and all the attendees right next door which made it SO easy for preparing meals and teaching sessions. I had always wanted to stay in a Greek villa, like the dreamy white stucco houses you see on Pinterest. Curiosity fulfilled. The interior decor, landscape, view and everything was absolutely amazing. My only complaint was that we had to hang dry our clothes, as most Greeks do, but its not something I'm use to or very good at, haha. My socks were wet basically the entire trip and my clothes constantly smelled like wet cement. We weren't there long enough to adjust to that lifestyle, although it did have me intrigued.

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